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International Labour Conference: Sessions

The International Labour Conference through time

ILC Sessions

The International Labour Conference gathers all the delegates duly appointed by the Members of the International Labour Organization. 

The International Labour Office prepares a report containing one or more draft Conventions or Recommendations concerning the Items of the Agenda. The reports shall be communicated by the Office to the governments as soon as possible and before the opening of the session of the Conference at which the question is to be discussed.

The sessions are divided in plenary sittings, conducted by an elected president with the support of the three vice-presidents, in accordance with the Standing Orders of the International Labour Conference. The sittings of the Conference shall be public, except if the Conference decides otherwise.

During the Conference, Committees are formed to discuss the items on the Agenda and the reports submitted by the Office, the three groups of government, employers’ and workers’ delegates make their nominations. After the final text of the Convention or Recommendation is approved by the Committee, it shall be submitted to the Conference for adoption article by article. After the adoption article by article of the text of the Convention or Recommendation, the Conference shall proceed to take a final vote on the adoption of the Convention or Recommendation in accordance with article 19 of the Constitution.