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Zotero: On the Right: Metadata and Relationships

Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, manage, cite, and share research sources.

Every item will have four editable and searchable tabs allowing you to manage all the metadata of your documents. 

Info: This is the metadata that will feed your citations and bibliographic references. Zotero allows you to import metadata from online sources. You can also input it manually and edit it at any time. 

Notes:  Create as many notes as you need to keep your research on track. Notes created under an item are synced along with your item's metadata. They can be found via the general Zotero search.

Tags: When items are saved to a Zotero Library, tags are sometimes automatically added to items. To add a tag to an item, manually click the “Add” button, type the tag name, and press Enter/Return. You can rename a tag by clicking on it and typing the new name. Delete tags using the minus “–” button. Once you have added the tag it will also appear in the tag selector in the left panel. 

Related items: You can express relationships between items by setting up “Related items”. Relationships can be set up between any pair of items in a library. This could be useful to connect book chapters to their parent volume, or book reviews to the book reviewed. You can also use relationships to connect different versions of a work.

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