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Global supply chains

What are Global Supply Chains?

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A broad range of terms exist to describe [Global supply chains], including global production networks, global value chains and global supply chains. All of these terms focus on the same basic issues of cross-border production and trade, but with slightly different perspectives.

[...] the cross-border organization of the activities required to produce goods or services and bring them to consumers through inputs and various phases of development, production and delivery. This definition includes foreign direct investment (FDI) by multinational enterprises (MNEs) in wholly owned subsidiaries or in joint ventures in which the MNE has direct responsibility for the employment relationship.

It also includes the increasingly predominant model of international sourcing where the engagement of lead firms is defined by the terms and conditions of contractual or sometimes tacit arrangements with their suppliers and subcontracted firms for specific goods, inputs and services. (p.1) 

Decent Work in Global Supply Chains (Report IV) ILO 2016 pdf

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