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Toolkit for Librarians: Examples of FAQs

The toolkit is intended for helping ILO library reference team to answer users request and needs received via LibAnswer.

FAQ answers

About e-journals

QuestionFinancial Times access request by an ILO user or ILO guest. 

Answer:    Since the FT subscription moved to the UN FT licence, we have only 120 accounts to share in the ILO. All these accounts are currently being used and there is no space for new users. Please use the Macro FT reply model available in Libanswers or on the common drive at : IMS\3 CLIENT SERVICES\3.1 Reference & Research (schedule, replies, models)\3.1.3 Replies (models). 

Bear in mind copy ACQUISITION in your reply  to inform Joelle who is permanently monitoring the user list to spot any unused accounts that could be freed for a new reader.

Question Has ILO a subscription to sites or journals like The Economist and Le MondeBloomberg,  WSJ, or The Economist ?

Answer:  Bloomberg Businessweek is available in PressReader.
Wall Street Journal is available from Proquest : You may also wish to browse the other library’s online resources at: Library Intranet – E-Resources

QuestionEst-il possible de lire au quotidien Le Monde auquel vous êtes abonné?

AnswerVous pouvez vous connecter au journal Le Monde en ligne par cette adresse : 

puis cliquez sur “Consulter le journal” qui apparaitra en haut à gauche de l’écran. Cet accès n’a été défini que pour 5 utilisateurs simultanés

QuestionOnline newspaper subscription

AnswerFor online newspapers, we'd suggest that you consult PressReader, from where you should be able to access selected newspapers from different countries, and there is an option to search by country. you can access for free from the ILO intranet, as long as you are signed in to an ILO computer.


About ILO constitution and ILO Instruments

‚ÄčQuestionWhere can I find the last version of the ILO Constitution?   What is the 1986 Instrument of Amendment to the ILO Constitution?

Answer:  the ILO Constitution is available in Normlex and a web page dedicated to 1986 Instrument of Amendment to the ILO Constitution  as well as a FAQ: Instrument of Amendment to the ILO Constitution, 1986 in several languages are available in JUR's website.

QuestionI'm looking for ILO Preparatory report on an ILO Convention or ILO Recommendation (frequently request by ILO colleagues from NORMES)

Answer: refer to the Digital Collection on ILO Conventions: background and preparatory work as well as the Research Guide on ILO Labour Conference and selected Technical reports presented to the Conference and narrow your search by subject of date.

Question: Où je peux trouver la liste des pays Membres de l'OIT avec leur date d'adhésion?

Answer: La liste des "pays Membres de l'OIT depuis ..." est disponible dans Normlex - Profils par pays (en anglais Country Profile). Exemple: Angola - Member since 04.06.1976 


ILO House Style Manual

Question: (Editor query regarding revised ILO Style Guide) I'm an external editor that is frequently contracted by the ILO to edit reports and text (...), I'm hoping you could clarify some questions I have regarding citations for government publications.

AnswerQuestions about the ILO house style manual and citations, please send them to OFFDOC - The new edition of the ILO house style manual is now available and provides updated guidelines for anyone writing in English, in French and in Spanish.


Interlibrary loan requests

Whenever you receive a request to access an ILO or non-ILO document that exists in Labordoc in a print version only, please transfer the request to the Loans queue inside LibAnswers. The Loans Team will follow up and reply to the user.

For others questions related to Loans, please referred to Document delivery Protocol dated  April 2021 available at: IMS > Client services > 3.8 Document delivery > Policies > 2021.04 Document delivery protocol graphic  (saved 26/04/2021).

IMS/INFOTEC - Last Update: September 24, 2021.